So what goes into a Paragraph Writing?

  • It all begins with one idea and everything familiar that naturally flows with it fits into one paragraph.
  • Every paragraph you have should have points or sentence/s related and referring to the central idea.
  • These ideas should not be random. It always helps to jot down quick points quickly in a rough sheet, arrange them into a logical chronological order that flows in one direction making it easier to read.
  • Don’t leave any point or sentence hanging loose without any substantiation or explanation. Every statement you make should be backed by logical reasoning that stays in one paragraph.

Fitting your Paragraph

Once you know the central idea and a rough plan for your paragraphs, you need to arrange them in a certain manner to get your story across. Following are some possible ways of organizing your paragraphs:

  • Narration: Tell a story. Go chronologically, from start to finish.
  • Description: Provide specific details about what something looks, smells, tastes, sounds, or feels like. Organize spatially, in order of appearance, or by